6 Things Can Convince Your Boss To Send You to SEOCON 2020

meyakinkan atasan ke SEOCON 2020

The world of digital marketing is always evolving. Over time, many new things emerge there, and that should be learned and understood by you because it will provide a new direction in your job, one of which is SEO.

There are many ways to learn digital marketing and SEO, but the most appropriate way is come to SEOCON 2020. Held on 26-27 February 2020, SEOCON is ready to provide a new experience for you.

Surely you want to come there with orders from your boss, right? Especially after attending SEOCON, the knowledge gained can help the company you work for be even better in terms of business performance.

What are the benefits of SEOCON 2020 that can convince your boss to send you there? These six things can make your boss give the green light right now!

Experienced speakers

There’s no need to worry for coming to SEOCON 2020 because this year, there are many speakers who have abundant experience in the world of marketing and SEO. There are Neil Patel, one of the best marketing experts, then Aldrich Christopher from Google, Jono Alderson from Yoast, Jon Earnshaw from Pi Datametrics, to Fabian Lim who is a well-known SEO expert.

Not only that, there are still JC Carlos (Traveloka) and Reza Putra (Tokopedia), each representing a website that is very closely to Indonesian society because SEO techniques that are run, as well as Ryan Kristomuljono, the originator of SEOCON 2020 and founder of ToffeeDev.

From the names above, it has been seen how SEOCON 2020 will be a conference with full of knowledge and valuable experience so you can get bright ideas on the job when finished from there. Don’t miss it to see them all!


There is one advantage when you come to a conference, that is networking. But nothing can bring more networking than SEOCON 2020. Why? Because with a collection of speakers who are famous and full of experience, more participants are coming from various companies.

From there, you can add networking faster and more broadly. This advantages are difficult to obtain at another conferences. Remember, more networking, more successful.

Video event recording

After SEOCON 2020 ends, after a while, you will be sent a video recording of the event. From that video, in the end, not only you who gained valuable knowledge, but also your colleagues. The video contains all the material from the speakers, without exception, so that the positive effects of the presence of SEOCON 2020 can be felt by more people.

Lunch and snacks

This may seem trivial, but SEOCON 2020 will serve lunch and snacks for you. With the availability of food in there, you becomes happier too. With a full stomach, knowledge is also gained

Get access to Indonesia Digital Marketing Expo

If you think SEOCON 2020 only gets a conference for two days in a row, you are wrong. There are also Indonesia Digital Marketing Expo which included exhibitions from various companies. You can attend this Expo all day, which will bring new networking to you too. Once coming to SEOCON 2020, two interesting events are immediately obtained.


A certificate is also provided by SEOCON 2020 for you. With a certificate that states you have attended and gained new knowledge there, you can make this certificate as a valuable thing for your career.


So, don’t think twice about coming to SEOCON 2020 at 26-27 February 2020. Buy the tickets right now and get a new experience of the best SEO conference. For more information about tickets, you can click here or visit the website https://www.seocon.id/. Join us!

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