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What SEO Consultant do for you?

  • Optimizing your website's SEO
  • Help improve business
  • Website analysis
  • Provide the latest SEO technique information
  • Providing solutions to SEO problems

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Professional and Experienced Consultant

Our SEO consultant already have a lot experience and proven performance in improving existing business SEO.

Appropriate Website Analysis

We can run a website analysis. The results of the analysis provided are also precise so that you can choose the best strategy for your website’s SEO.

We Can Provide the Best Performance

We always give the best performance in every project that is done. We can be sure you are satisfied with our services.

White-Hat SEO

We provide SEO services with White-Hat rules, which comply with Google's standardization without entering gray corridors or violating regulations.


Informative Consultant


An informative consultant lets you know all kinds of things in this project. You will know what we are doing and also can understand SEO more better.


Using Up-to-Date Tools


SEO practices can not be separated from the name of the tools. We always use the latest and most reliable tools products. Our performance provided also becomes more leverage.


Provide the Best Solution


Questions about problems when build websites always we get every day. With consultant that have proven quality, we can provide the best solutions to existing problems.


Ensuring the Development of Your Business


Paying attention to SEO can make your business grow in the right direction. In the hands of SEO Consultant, you can be sure your main goal can be achieved within the appropriate time.


Always Know the New Algorithms & Features


Technological developments also touch the realm of SEO. SEO Consultant always aware of new things about features and algorithms.

Ingin Mulai Sekarang?

Mulai dengan Search Engine Optimization Free Evaluation!

Hubungi kami untuk informasi lebih lanjut mengenai jasa seo Indonesia dan bagaimana Search Engine Optimization dapat meningkatkan bisnis anda.

Optimize Your Website with SEO Consultant

To be able to get a good SEO value, of course, several ways must be done. These methods also must be done continuously. Why is that? Because Google, a search engine that highly upholds SEO at the moment, does not let SEO practices that are carried out just monotonous. There needs to be an update from the form of the algorithm to the values ​​that are in the SEO strategy to produce quality and reliable content.

To be able to get the right SEO, several ways need to be done to achieve this. A website that is well managed will be able to make it easier when doing optimization. But if the website is not properly managed, such as many blank pages, not enough content available, and so on, then SEO practices will be difficult to do. So from the start, the existence of the website was needed. Then how to manage the website. Is it neat? Or instead, mess?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization which is one of the strategies that can be done to increase sales. With good and proper SEO, your business website can be on the first page of Google, with certain keywords, and can increase sales as well as brand awareness.

In SEO, there is one thing that need to be optimize, that is content. Content has become one of the main weapons in website optimization. With quality and good content for SEO measures, optimization can be even easier. Article content that has appropriate keywords is one of the main keys. By using keywords that are sought after by many people, the content on the website is increasingly easily tracked by Google.

Besides organizing good and quality content. Several other things must be regulated properly. Like title tags, page titles, to metatags. Also, websites based on Hypertext Mark-Up Language (HTML) code such as Blogspot, or using Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Joomla have taken the right steps because it will be easier for website optimization settings. But to be able to do SEO practice well, you should not use CMS with free features such as those provided by WordPress. You should use a paid domain and web hosting to be able to do more optimization because if you use CMS with free features, the settings will be limited by the developer.

At this time, SEO practices are not strange anymore. Increasingly, more and more companies want their websites to have good, high-quality, and easily searchable SEO by users with certain keywords. With the use of good SEO, the business will be even more advanced because more and more people know your website. From there you can filter out people who want to buy products from your business. That's what makes SEO as a strategy that is very often used at this time.

To be able to do the above, of course, you need SEO Consultants who already have a lot experience in their fields. Finally, your business website will be able to use SEO. Do not let the website that you have does not have good SEO. Instead of wanting to market products via the internet via a website, the website is useless and fails to be effective in promotional media. For that, you can use SEO Consultant from ToffeeDev, who already takes care of various kinds of clients with a good level of success. With the right SEO Consultant, your website can be optimized well and your business will grow too.

Frequently Ask Question

What is an SEO Consultant?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique to improve your website so that it can go to the first page of Google search engine with certain keywords and increase visitors to your website. With this, SEO Consultant is here to help you.


What About the Report of the Results After Doing SEO?

Every month we will send a report on the results of your website optimization. Uou can see the development of the website after optimization by SEO Consultant with clearly and detail report.


Is there a Guarantee?

SEO Consultant do not guarantee the success of your website on the first page of Google. In the end, it all depends on the algorithm updates in Google and the quality of your content. But to increase the number of visitors to the website, we will give your best effort.

What Are SEO Techniques Done?

SEO Consultant perform White-Hat SEO techniques and follow the rules set by Google. With this technique, your website will not lose the ranking position in search engine even though there is an algorithm update from Google.

How Long Does It Take?

For the time of work, SEO is developing slowly. Because of that, the results of the SEO strategy that was worked on will only be seen within a period of three or four months later.

Why Does It Take Months to See Results?

Quite a lot of factors can influence SEO results. From website structure to the content on the website that can make your website reach the first page of Google while increasing visitors. For faster results, you can use our Google Ads services.

Do I Need a Website?

Of course, you need a business website that can later be optimized with the right SEO techniques. The website referred to here is not a website using free blogs like Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, and others. If you don't have a website yet, we provide Web Design services that can create websites for online shops, companies, and others.

Can You Accept the All Type of Website For Optimization?

The SEO techniques that we apply always start from checking your website first. From there, we can start the SEO service itself. Please note, we do not perform optimization services for gambling websites, pornography, and all business activities that violate state regulations.